Location Gisozi, Kigali in Rwanda
Membership Green - kLab Tenant
Koperative project is project which will connect all cooperative in Rwanda especially those in farming and agriculture and those which prepare and manufacture products from farming and agriculture sector. not only to be connected but also to be visible online, many cooperative don't capable of having website that make them be visible online, may be because of financial or don't know really profit of having website. this project will be like search engine of Rwandan cooperative where all registered will be visible and their all information online! the biggest part of my project is that the cooperative will also sell their product online (e-commerce), the cooperative will be able to sell their product online so that they can find world wide market for them to sell their product. and this will make the client to get product for low price because they will be buy it from it's origin without buy it from someone who bought it from other one! that is the summary of my project description.