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March 23rd, 2017
With the title that went "Can innovation really help our cities?" the #kLabTalks event that was held recently, unfolded mentioning the role innovation plays into the development of smart cities, as the talk went on however other critical aspects that goes with smart cities were touched on; citing mainly the involvement of data and information which leads finally to CyberSecurity issues. Having one of the great minds you would ever meet explaining his point of view on the matter; Rafi Rich and being hosted by a tech startup community we ended up talking more and wider ... Read more comment(s)
February 07th, 2017
AgriGO apps, developed by GO (www.go.rw) is primarily assisting a farmer to improve the current yield, by availing the right, modern and personalized best practices in farming through personalized SMS in local languages.

What is a personalized SMS for farmer?

The personalized SMS is the one customized and sent individually to the farmer who use AgriGO to help him applying the modern farming and follow the proven crops growing schedule, depending on planted seed. Like other mobile phone users, a farmer has both right and ability to send and receive SMS when communicating, regardless the expected interest of sending or receiving ... Read more comment(s)
February 03rd, 2017
With now different opinions from different people around the globe some now believe that Internet should be a Human Right, this was one of the take away that was shared among several ideas that was discussed.

The issue of the 100% Internet content access was raised alongside supportive points where it was clear from that side that all should be free to the user and let one decide what to do with it, however the issue of 100% free Internet was perceived and addressed in a different way by people that operate at a country level, meaning ISP (Internet Service Provider) ... Read more comment(s)
January 27th, 2017
Robots, machines, computers are becoming increasingly capable in terms of information processing and therefor advancing rapidly "at an exponential pace" that now one would be merely hard for her/him to distinguish the difference between the machines that perform routine tasks like Optical character recognition that belong to Machine learning to the actual Artificial Intelligence like human speech recognition and the capability of playing strategic games like Chess and Go including self-car driving and interpreting complex data.

Joshua has been involved in AI and its different aspects, studied and steered the personal data paradigm in which we’re now living and has been ... Read more comment(s)
January 26th, 2017
The goals of the event (Forum1) were to understand people’s opinions and perceptions of internet and human rights; promote and create an open and welcoming internet society atmosphere in Rwandan Community (involved or uninvolved). The main goal is to provide a space for people to engage and access freely with internet. This is not about the cost of internet but accessibility freedom as other fundamental human rights.

Forum 2 will closely focus on Freedom House Internet Report for Rwanda and get the public point on how Rwanda was ranked in 2016. Now that the first forum was for awareness, the second ... Read more comment(s)