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I am last year student in RWANDA-POLYTECHNIC-IPRC TUMBA in ICT department that it my current education now. I attended some trainings and i got certified there, hose training are: -Web designing by RDsaintech Hub -ICDL trainings provided by OWC international NGO -entrepreneurship skills and small business creating provided by OWC -Current I am the one of the chosen by Rwanda-Polytechnic to attend the Huawei training in program called seed for the future.
As I keep talking about is i am an IT student and worker in IT sector I am worker for RDSAINTECH HUB not full time worker of RDSAINTECH as web designer, I am also and the one in founder of company called ICTalk Rwanda i work there as marketing officer and also i am web designer. I the founder and managing director of technology company called RwejoTek where we provide domain name and hosting services, web designing, digital marketing and branding. i have worked on this different project and this and more are the one which is hosted others are locally and others still in development and the project is:,,,