Medical Smart Card System
Owner Josue Uwimana
Location Musezero, Gisozi in Rwanda
Membership Green - kLab Tenant
In health services delivery, there is still a use of papers for medical records of patients. If a patient lost her/his copy of medical records and fell ill in a different area where s/he is no longer in contact with the health center that does the check up on his/her illness condition and s/he is unconscious so that s/he can mention it during diagnosis, they should mistreat him/her due to lack of knowledge of his/her illness and can cause death. The Medical Smart Card System will help hospitals, clinics and health centers will be accessing and sharing patients' medical records. Even if the Medical Smart Card can be lost, to retrieve the medical records of the patient is easy by using the card no or NID Card. The patients and hospitals can access medical records on web application and mobile applications (Android and iOS).