kLab & Carnegie Mellon University Rwanda programming course
Posted by Claude MIGISHA KALISA
  1. Course overview: This course is designed to be an introduction to programming and to improve technical critical thinking and problem solving skills through a combination of academic training and intensive hands-on programming assignments that require students to apply their knowledge. The programs coded throughout the coursework will be a combination of smaller programs to reinforce individual concepts and skills, bigger programs to apply broader problem-solving and coding techniques, and a major web-based application that requires students to synthesize their knowledge and use it to proactively learn and use additional technologies.

  2. Conditions to join: Interested candidates must have a working laptop that is brought to every class, have basic computer skills, speak and understand English well as it is the instruction language attend all class meetings and come on time for the full 8-week course. Only highly committed and motivated kLab tenants interested in learning programming are encouraged to apply; basic programming skills will be helpful, but are not required.

  3. Cost: For non kLab tenants, the cost of the training is 50.000Rwf plus a deposit of 200,000Rwf. But the cost for kLab tenants is 20.000Rwf + a deposit of 80.000Rwf. The deposit will be refunded only to candidates who successfully complete the course; a successful student will be one who earns a 70% or better overall score. Please note that attendance will be a significant factor in determining a student's overall score.

  4. Commitment: This is an 8-week course made of lectures, tests and assignments. Every candidate without exception will be asked to attend all lectures and do all assigned tasks by the instructor. Students should expect to spend an amount time that is at least equivalent to a full-time job: roughly 8 hours a day, 5 days a week on class meeting, studying, and working on programming homework. Students may need to spend additional time on their programming assignments above and beyond the estimated 40 hours per week outlined here.

  5. Schedule and duration: This is an 8-week course and will run from June 10th - July 26, 2013. The class will meet Monday to Friday from 9am to 1pm. Students will be expected to watch online course material and complete assignments outside of class time. Students must attend every class and come on time. Candidates who successfully complete the course shall receive certificates and benefit from kLab job recommendations.

  6. Application procedures: To apply for the course send an expression of interest letter and your CV to: info@klab.rw .Only shortlisted candidates will be invited for a personal interview.The application deadline is June 2nd, 2013 , for more info you can email us at info@klab.rw or call us on 0788-520-006.

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May 31st, 2013
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