wassajja denis
Location remera, kigali in rwanda
Member Since June 26th, 2018
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my on going projects 1) trafic project which is gonna make traffic police working in offices not on the way this project already started in soudi arabia,itally in countries l have supporters and its my project problems solved (careless drivers,drunkard,taxes,robbers,staled vehicles etc 2 smart card in marketing with has money covert where exporters and importers,travelers and citizens its self will use around the world 3 disability platform which gonna link them in africa and there concealers and supporters etc and k lab will help me to raise my works not only in Rwanda and Africa 2020 update am president of gvc international organisation in Uganda , country directer of impact youth sustainability network in Uganda, founder of east African programmers association, founder of stop violence against women foundation and founder of next generation Africa initiative with master degree of innovation and strategic planning
yes am proffesional software designer,developer,engineer and website works seo specialist and linux administrator , business technical advisers l have worked on so many ict projects in Russia ,korea ,Bangladesh etc 2020 full stock software developer political scientist