Jean Jacques Iradukunda
Location Kimironko, Kigali in Rwanda
Member Since February 10th, 2017
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I am currently a college students at southern New Hampshire University through Kepler Program, in Kigali. I am currently pursuing my Bachelor of Healthcare Management in concentration with Global Perspective whereby I learn different ways of improving healthcare systems in a way that make them outstanding and patient centered. One of the ways we want to improve the healthcare systems is done through the employment of technology in a way that responds to people's concerns, a way I am using to impact my country's healthcare system. I have also gone through Pioneer Research Program whereby I worked with Doctor Zoller on a research project that intended to identify the reasons why most of the young or starting enterprises fail. As a result from the end of the research project, I got a Distinction or A Grade which proven that I was a good learner and Entrepreneur, they also provided me with a Degree.
With regards to my Experience, I have been working for Kepler as a Teaching Assistant in Technology and felt like learning more about Website and software development. After having the idea, I went on learning Programming and worked with a Team on a project that intends to create a software to manage Patients Record Across the country. With the team, we also created a software company that intends to find digital solutions to problems that our country face with a Patients Data Management as our first product, but having more upcoming projects to work on as we move forward.