Dieudonne Mukunzi
Location Kimironko, Kigali in Rwanda
Member Since August 08th, 2016
Membership Green - kLab Tenant
I believe that learning is a talent that I was born with. I am a fast learner and I love programming, and ICT in general. This made me take a step to learn how to code, with a goal of starting my own IT related company. I take most of my course on FreeCodeCamp. So far, I have learnt HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap3, and I am now learning JavaScript and JQuery. However, I have done two years in UR-CBE in the department of Sciences of Accounting. I am a holder of Associates of Arts Degree from the Southern New Hampshire University through Kepler-Kigali. I am now pursuing my Bachelor Degree in 21st century communications.
I have been working as an Assistant to the Country Director at Kepler-Kigali for ten months, where I got an in-depth experience in management and operations. I am a graphic designer, and I have worked on different poster designs at the Kepler campus. I have also designed a Wix website and blog for a college group project on professionalism and diversity at work. GetPro 2016: www.getpro2016.wix.com/diversity