Frank Trevino
Location Gangnam, Seoul in South Korea
Member Since June 11th, 2016
Membership Blue - kLab Mentor
University of Houston - Master of Business Administration - Global Marketing and Business Strategy University of Texas at Austin - BS Advertising Inbound Marketing Certification - 2016-2017 Hubspot
LET'S TALK MARKETING - how important it is in a startup Understanding the User Digital Experience to Create Value for organizations 15 years entrepreneurial marketer, leading teams to grow startups into strategic marketing driven systems through integrated functional, emotional & rational marketing initiatives. A marketing engineer, who loves to build the strategy, product, brand, team & organization while becoming its voice. Building a solution that makes a difference. Founder - iLLUMULUS - Growth Marketing for Startups. CMO - Tinman Kinetics - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Helping startups embrace AI integration Senior Director - kt - (Global Marketing and Business Strategy for cloud based solutions. Interim CMO - Africa Olleh Services (Rwanda) VP Global Marketing - DigiData - Successfully product launches in multiple countries. Integrated AI technology to enhance the product.