Crispin Gishoma
Location Kabuga, Kigali in Rwanda
Member Since April 20th, 2016
Membership Blue - kLab Mentor
- Academic and popular theories and research on global poverty, economics (Certificate of graduation at Massachusetts Institute of Technology-online course) - Master of Arts in Project Planning and Management ( Kampala International University) - Bachelor in Economic Sciences and Management ( Kigali Independent University)
I am the director of a private organization for diabetes care in Rwanda since 2011 – Rwanda Diabetes Association (RDA). The mission of RDA is to improve the well being and health of the mostly poor and young diabetics in Rwanda. Having worked for RDA since 2007 up to now, I have extensional knowledge and experience in projects management and business strategies. As the director, I am overseeing and coordinating all aspects of our health care services, including human resources, finances, projects, communication with government and donors as well the management of two Medical clinics and a diabetes center where I make diabetes youth camps. I have experience in working with international partners as well as local partners for the purpose of needs assessment, fundraising, project planning, project implementation, and monitoring. Excellent management and communication skills with a sensitivity towards different interests and cultural backgrounds is a crucial competency I gained over the last years.