Location Gikondo, Kigali in Rwanda
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I am a Computer Engineering Graduate in KIST, I am an MIT/AITI alumni class 2010 with Mobile Application Development And Entrepreneurship certificate, I have diploma in Mathematics and Physics from Lycee de Kigali
With my growing programming and entrepreneurship skills, I have participated in the creation of some home growing companies, briefly with in its early days. I co founded HeHe LTD and worked with the team over 6 months, Then I started my own 5 months old programming business TorQue Rwanda LTD as its CEO when I started working on projects like YeGo marketplace( now being tested with Bralirwa Distributors. I am also the Chief Software Architect of Rwandawindows LTD and I act as the second vice president of CODEPAC (a non profit organization)