Location Bruxelles, Bruxelles in Belgium
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- June 2004: Master degree in Electrical Engineering from Faculté Polytechnique de Mons (www.umons.ac.be/polytech) - May 2009: PhD degree in wireless communication obtained from Katholieke Universiteit van Leuven (http://www.kuleuven.be/).
- Nov 2004 until May 2009: Wireless Research at IMEC (www.imec.be), a Belgian-based micro-electronics center. * Modelling & Simulation of digital baseband for 60 GHz wireless transceivers using Matlab/Simulink * Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms design for multi-antenna analog beamforming (http://www.google.com/patents/US8619886) - May 2009 - Present: Senior R&D Engineer at CETIC (www.cetic.be), a Belgian-based ICT applied research centers. https://www.cetic.be/Jimmy-Nsenga * Software Engineering: #Patient Home Monitoring (Desktop application in .NET C# and mobile app in Ionic/AngularJ #Prototyping of embedded control&processing algorithms for ARM-cortex M4 using MATLAB/Simulink/Embedded Coder Contributions on ICT-based projects in Rwanda: - Jobinrwanda (www.jobinrwanda.com): Development of a CV search & candidate shortlisting system (HTML5/AngularJS/MySQL) - Liveinrwanda (www.liveinrwanda.com/m): Development of a tourist guide mobile application (Ionic/Angularjs/Cordova)