Rachel Howell
Location Moving to Kigali in Sept , Hargeisa in Somaliland
Member Since October 30th, 2015
Membership Blue - kLab Mentor
Delft University of Technology, Delft Netherlands MSc Engineering and Policy Analysis Specialization: Economics and Finance, Annotation: Technology in Sustainable Development Thesis: An Economic Impact Evaluation of Electrification on Micro-Enterprises in Western Uganda European Institute of Innovation & Technology Climate KIC Master Education Program Summer School at TU Munich & Imperial College London Summer 2013 Climate science and innovation Business idea: Solar retrofitting of Ugandan tourism businesses Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, Indiana, USA BSc Mechanical Engineering Minors: German and Humanitarian Engineering Short Courses: Summer School for Social Entrepreneurs, Fabriq; Milan, Italy Social innovation, fundraising, impact evaluation, marketing, idea generation
For the past few years most of my professional experience has been in the off grid lighting sector, working for NGOs and start ups providing clean energy solutions to rural electrification (Uganda-http://fres.nl/, Cameroon-https://delftsoleil.wordpress.com/, Somaliland-http://qoraxenergy.com/). All of these ventures took a business rather than aid orientated approach, looking at business models and unique financing schemes that allowed them to target customers at the bottom of the pyramid. Additionally, I have conducted research on frugal innovations in Africa (innovations that offer more value for money) and will be starting a PhD on the subject in October which will allow me to be in and out of East Africa looking at case studies of frugal innovations (http://cfia.nl/). The research center I worked at looks at the product development of frugal innovations and how these innovations can contribute to inclusive development.