Location Nyamirambo, Kigali in Rwanda
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I have recently graduated from highschool in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Entrepreneurship. I took online courses at, edX ( HarvardX), Udemy, and Paul McWhorter's YouTube Arduino Robotic series. I also participated in NSESA foundation Sua code Africa 2.0 bootcamp 2021. I am currently an Intern at Umbrella Innovators broadening my skills about front end development, and Back end development.
While in highschool, I worked on Automatic Irrigation System using the Arduino Technology. I also used it in 10th science fair competition, and won the fifth position. I also worked on the Hydroponics system and used it in Wavumbuzi entrepreneurship challenge, and was selected in the top ten best projects. I continued to work on its software part, and I am sgillt worki on it. I don't have the URLs for those projects, but in case their codes are needed, I can provide them through another way.