Josaphat NGOGA
Location Ruyenzi, Kamonyi in Rwanda
Member Since November 24th, 2021
Membership Green - kLab Tenant
I have studied my Ordinary level in College du Christ Roi Nyanza and graduated with an aggregate of 8/8. I continued my A'Level studies and graduated from Ecole des Sciences Byimana (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) with an aggregate of 73/73 and a #6 Rank in the National Examinations. I also took programming courses aside and was certified by renowned teachers and websites which are Solo learn and Hacker rank. I also took 7-Days courses online with shape AI about data analytics with python and Convolutional Neural Networks. I also participated and earned certificates and honorable mentions in Math Olympiads such as Rwanda Mathematics Competition, AIMS Pilot Rwanda Mathematics Olympiad, and Irish Mathematical Olympiad by the Irish Mathematics Trust.
I have experience in Python Programming and various applications such as Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Computer Vision, Automation, and AI. I also know Arduino coding and Raspberry Pi. I have worked on simple DIY devices and for big projects I couldn't make them alive due to limited resources. About big projects I have in mind there are quadcopter, Speed bump electrical generator, and security system or intruder alert. I haven't worked for any companies yet.