Location Kimihurura, KIGALI in Rwanda
Member Since December 02nd, 2014
Membership Blue - kLab Mentor
He graduated from Kigali Independent University (2014), Master of Science in Economics and currently pursuing PhD in Economics by Coursework at University of Nairobi. Besides academics qualifications, Jean de Dieu has attended and participated in various professional trainings not limited to Data analysis for household data survey and data mining (Big data) using Stata, and R Studio.
Jean de Dieu is a Researcher by professional with an economic oriented analysis, as well as project management. Skilled and motivated with unsurpassed critical thinking strategic planning and interpersonal skills. In addition to that, previously Jean de Dieu has been dealt and advised the project that requires a modern and advanced development theory. Thus, he has advanced knowledge and skills in youth labour’s decision and market equilibria, dealing with asymmetric information that impacts household and market economy. From End 2018, Jean de Dieu works on household food security and child optimal nutrition outcome using experiment techniques. Therefore, he has shown the capacity to advise different policymakers based on the degree of aversion to risk and support various applied research projects in agriculture, health and nutrition, labour and socio-economic development.