Hazwinayo Hodard
Location Kagugu, Kigali City in Rwanda
Member Since December 08th, 2020
Membership Blue - kLab Mentor
Holds BSc with Honor in Information Systems, MSc in Internet Systems, and MBA degrees.
Experienced IT Infrastructure Architect with a strong background in both On-Premise Data Centers & Cloud infrastructure, Big Data engineering, and Linux server administration. Proficient in managing enterprise-scale technical environments, hybrid infrastructures, and architecture designs. Skilled in database migrations, clustering, and scaling for high availability. Adept at creating and optimizing data pipeline architecture using both SQL & NoSQL and AWS Solution Architect. Experienced in Linux system administration, Docker, and Kubernetes for container-based infrastructure. Capable of forecasting capacity planning, leading cross-functional teams, and conducting IT trainings. Successful in designing and implementing new projects while providing effective team management and performance appraisals. Portfolio links: https://github.com/HodardHazwinayo & https://www.linkedin.com/in/hodard-hazwinayo-259546109/