Tobi Tumukunde
Location Mukarange, Kayonza in Rwanda
Member Since September 22nd, 2020
Membership Blue - kLab Mentor
I have done Bachelor of Business Information Technology (2017) UR-Huye Campus, Former National University of Rwanda, Huye- South Province (Butare); Certified in Computer Science and Management Lycèe de Nyanza: Registered Educational Provider, ID number: 0201059CSM081; in International Computer Driving License certification by ICDL Africa ; and in Social Enterprise Business Model by DOT Rwanda.
I'm a founder & CEO of Family Lab ltd (From January 2, 2018 to Now). FLab is a social enterprise company which aims at enhancing Digital Literacy and Digital Transformation in Rwanda. ( . We have many projects such as: Business Connect (BCON) - B2B E-Commerce which will become A linkage between industries/wholesalers and retailers ( FLab - Online Class - This program facilitates the primary students learning and providing them social care during lockdown period. ( Digital Education Initiative (DEI) Rwanda 2020 (Kayonza District) - This program provide computer training to enhance teacher professional development towards improving learning outcomes in schools. (