Therese Karitanyi
Location Kacyiru, Oakville/Kigali in Canada/Rwanda
Member Since September 27th, 2012
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I have a Bachelor's of Science in Chemical Engineering, a Bachelor's of Arts in International Studies from Lafayette College in Pennsylvania, US and a Master's of Business, Entrepreneurship, and Technology at the University of Waterloo in Ontario Canada. I also hold certificates of Management Consulting and Technical Sales from the University of Waterloo.
After several stints in manufacturing, I worked as a project/product manager/designer for a pharmaceutical technology company. I collaborated with clients to define requirements, manage risks (given that the product was used for randomization in clinical trials, which involved issues of patient safety and data integrity), and worked with internal teams to complete projects. I also spent some time supporting sales, as well as training and supporting new teams. While completing my degree I contributed to feasibility studies and the development of commercialization plans for a number of projects including a strategic marketing web platform, the development of a plant based ink, and the development of solutions for Central Africa-run clinical trials. These projects are currently at different stages, some have received initial funding and are under way, others are on hold, and others were deemed to require further refining to be successful. In the past few months, I also have worked as a Strategy and Operations Analyst for an Engineering & Valve manufacturing company in transition.