kLab Startups Academy
Venue To be communicated
Date October 04th, 2021
Time 8 a.m. (11 minutes)
kLab Startups Academy initiated entrepreneurs &innovators program that will be providing skills to tech entrepreneurs and the software developers. The program is designed to pre-incubate entrepreneurs from the ideation stage to prototype level whereas they have a market fit prototype. This program will be a pipeline to 250Startups for the entrepreneurs that will graduate in the program as well as SOLVIT AFRICA for the software developers where they will be channeled to job opportunities for the competent developers. With our partnering companies 250Startups and SOLVIT Africa as the channeling pipeline for the program, we believe that this program can help a lot in the creation of the tech startups and job creations hence impacting the kLab community and the ICT Ecosystem in general. We would like to encourage kLab community and tech youth of Rwanda to apply for this opportunity for one of the category; For tech entrepreneur with a project or software developer.Click to apply https://klab.250.Rw