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Date August 26th, 2020
Time 6 p.m. (60 minutes)
Short description of the presentation: Remember the joy of building a brand-new JavaScript application? Yet, as time passes and you continue to add new features to it, you find yourself in an ever-growing code base that becomes increasingly more difficult to navigate and manage. But can you find your way back to the ease of developing your now matured project? Yes, you can! In this talk you will learn essential strategies for keeping your code base lean and allow your JavaScript app to grow efficiently. Find out how you can cut non-essential clutter easily, rearrange your code base for optimal scalability and win back the joy of working on your project again. About the speaker: Jessica Jordan is an international conference speaker, senior frontend developer & developer advocate at Honeypot and a member of the Ember Learning Core team. She organizes the Ember Berlin meet-up and has mentored learners in programming workshops and learning groups for many years. In more than 8 years working in the IT industry.