How can startups work and partner with financial service ...
Venue kLab, 6th Floor, Telecom House, KG 7 Ave, Kacyiru
Date February 23rd, 2017
Time 3 p.m. (40 minutes)
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Whenever you come across a startup entrepreneur, most of them whine about hurdles such as access to finance with a main complaint that banks(financial service providers) are so reluctant to work with startups. Yes, there is some truth to this but there can be alternatives.

Did you that once, you have a startup,and has an official partnership with a particular financial service provider adds up your startup valuation mainly when you are raising investment funds? But how can this happen in the context of Rwanda entrepreurship startup ecosystem?

The startup relationship with a particular financial service, can not only having a bank account... There are so many alternatives on how startups can work and partner with financial service providers. What are they?
Meet Aimable Nkuranga,country director of TransUnion, who is to give you deeper insights and a variety of alternative on how startups can work & partner w/ fin providers.