All you need, to start to developing mobile solutions
Venue kLab Telecom House 6th Floor
Date February 15th, 2017
Time 5:30 p.m. (60 minutes)

This event has been brought to you by is a Kenyan IT startup company, based in Nairobi, Kenya and has office and operations in other countries across the continent ,it currently present in Rwanda,Malawi,Tanzania,Uganda and Nigeria.

AT’s goal is to unlock the potential of mobile communication networks across Africa by simplifying the process and technologies required to exploit them.

The Africa's Talking SMS/ USSD / Voice and Airtime API has more than 1000 active developers spanning corporates, tech start-ups, SMEs and even budding techies. Africa's Talking's deep involvement with developers ensures that we provide excellent service for any technical solution over mobile.

The many purpose of this event is to inspire and share with Rwandan developers the available resources and products that enable them to develop mobile solutions without hard and painful process with telecoms companies.