The Bridge International Crowdfunding Platform Presentation
Venue kLab Telecom House 6th Floor
Date September 29th, 2016
Time 5:30 p.m. (60 minutes)

The Bridge International is a crowd-funding platform that provides the social fund accumulated from crowd-funding as a loan to social entrepreneurs in less-developed countries. The platform main mission is to see partners(Local entrepreneurs) become self-reliant and financially sustainable in their operation while they create social impact in the community.

The Bridge International by principle offers fund raising opportunities for  local partners who have less access to financing and means to sustain-ably manage themselves. The platform allows a maximum of 1 year to raise the funds for a socially driven enterprise.After successful funding, our local partners are expected to repay the investment within 2 years at the most but with no additional interest charged.

Come and learn how you can raise money for your idea with this platform. 

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