How the Internet works.
Venue kLab, 6th Floor, Telecom House, KG 7 Ave, Kacyiru
Date August 04th, 2016
Time 5:30 p.m. (45 minutes)
Most of people out there never wonder how actually they got to read their Facebook pages, read their emails, watch videos on YouTube or most importantly get access to their financial data through the web. All of this doesn't happen magically, instead; a lot of technologies are involved into making this happen, from clients to servers, from developers to system administrators. In a nutshell we will see how all of this work together for you to get what you see on your screens. PS: For those who will attend the session, with MAC OSX being so called "Secured OS" than others out there, we will see how your login credentials can be easily changed "ACCESS GAINED"and how you can protect yourself from that happening as a tip :-) .