Open Street Map Training
Venue kLab Telecom House 6th Floor
Date July 09th, 2016
Time 9 a.m. (4 hours)

OpenStreetMap (OSM) Rwanda is a fast growing project which have been initiated in Rwanda and will be organizing mapping events, implement local trainings, generate on-linemap awareness, actively pledges open data sets and build a network of enthusiastic mappers across the country , it is inspired by a fast growing OpenStreetMap community in Africa.

It is in this context OpenStreetMap Rwanda is inviting interested young ICT and geography students from the KLab community in a mapping training session which will take place @ kLab, Telecom house on Saturday 9 th July 2016 from 9h00 AM to 13h00 PM. All participants are requested to bring their own laptops for the mapping activities. Because of the limited space, interested participants are request to confirm their intention to participate in the training on the following

The training will be facilitated by the World team members of OSM from United States Aid Data fellows and OSM Africa representative.