Collaboration & Business/Project Idea Development
Venue kLab (kacyiru Telecom House 6th floor)
Date January 22nd, 2013
Time 5:30 p.m. (120 minutes)

Do you have a great idea for an IT business or a project you have been thinking about starting? Don’t be shy, intimidated, or scared about sharing your idea. Come to this kLab event, bring your craziest ideas! Some of the craziest ideas have become billion dollar business, so think BIG.

You don’t have an idea, NO Problem! Come learn and help build the ideas of others. Maybe you can find a team and continue building it!

Join us at kLab and take part in this exciting collaboration event to:
  • Build upon your idea
  • Gather advice
  • Think critically
  • Find partners
  • Learn about other cool ideas
  • Most importantly meet and learn from creative community members in Kigali!

This event is not a traditional event that you have experienced before at kLab. Instead everyone that shows up will be active participants, engaged and collaborating with other kLab members, mentors and professionals. The event process has been used throughout the world by large corporations, governments, nonprofits and global communities to help drive creative thinking and innovation.

There is room for 60 people & up 15 ideas. Ideas are first come first served, kLab will not be picking them. No similar ideas will be allowed.