April 28th,2016
Our Success Story: Academic Bridge

Company Data

  • Company Name: Academic Bridge.
  • Office Address: Muhima, Kigali RN3.
  • Company Email: info@academicbridge.rw
  • Company Phone: +250788306963
  • Company URL: http://www.academicbridge.rw/

Company Facts
  • Type of company: ICT Education.
  • Left kLab: June 2015
  • Number of employees: 1-10


Academic Bridge is a tech education startup. It develops an information management platform for schools, parents as well as guardians to easily monitor the performance of students and get real time data about students.

Startup in detail

Academic Bridge is a web based platform as well as android application built and developed for schools with different modules such as: student and staff records; academics records; student and staff attendance list; students discipline and test results, finance administration, online enrollment, timetable builder and an SMS integration.

The platform enables schools to efficiently collect, process, manage and share students’ information and data.

Academic Bridge strives for parents engagement and full commitment in education of their children. Research shows that the more parents engage and commit to their children’s education, the more efficient and effective the education sector becomes, of which is one of most crucial contributing factors of Academic Bridge of leveling up the Rwandan education sector thus an inclusive education sector for students, teachers, school administrators and parents as well as guardians.

Academic Bridge gives the leverage to parents/guardians to use their mobile phones to get instant real time and accurate students’ information from the school where their school is enrolled.

Currently Academic Bridge is being used and has been adopted by 9 schools with 6300 students record in the system.