Join the NEW StartupWave platform!
Posted by Claudette Irere

kLab is currently looking for the first 15 startups to join the new StartupWave platform pilot before rolling out the system on a larger scale in Rwanda. StartupWave is a NEW kLab online educational platform that will link startups to mentors and prepare them to meet investors. It will help validate your startup ideas, learn business modeling, get mentored and develop your business plan. With its 7 stage process, it allows you to join in with your startup or idea at whatever stage it is – by providing advice, mentorship, business support and the chance for the access to funding if you make it through.

The StartupWave provides both pre-incubation and incubation services with online and offline support, and there is no need to travel, relocate, or follow a fixed schedule. The pre-incubation services are designed for idea to pilot stage startups (anyone with a business idea can access these services for free). The incubation services however are designed to help startups raise investment.


  • A filled application form that you can find here
  • Once accepted into the Startupwave program, pay 30,000Rwf prior to joining the program to the account number 4401141326 of the PSF ICT Chamber (at the Kenya Commercial Bank) and show proof of payment slip. Upon completion, 15,000Rwf will be returned to you.
  • Submission Deadline: 7 February 2015

For more information:

  • Please visit startupwave
  • Do not hesitate to contact any kLab core team member for more clarification.
  • Attend the kLab monthly meeting on Friday 6/2/2015 at 6pm for an info session about Startupwave.
February 08th, 2015
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