kLab wants you! Join the kLab Core Team !
Posted by Claudette Irere

Are you a dedicated member of the kLab community and always want to move things forward? This is your chance. We are looking for an engaged team of supporters who are willing to devote 2 to 3 hours of their time per week to engage in various activities supporting the kLab management and community. These include the management of a mentorship programme, market linkage programme and organizational support. Besides an outstanding commitment you should bring along these things:

  • organizational talent (manage time and get things done)
  • communicative talent (approach people you might not know)
  • creativity and innovative thinking
  • interest to upgrade and gain experience in skills relevant to your business

You support the development of kLab and its community and at the same time grow your own skills. This will help you to spin your own business. Additionally there will be some handy benefits if you are among the few selected members of the kLab Core Team. Some of them are:

  • exclusive access to trainings given by international experts and upgrade of your business skills in project work
  • reserved Internet bandwidth and no restrictions (regular tenants will soon be limited - as a Core Team member you keep full access)
  • kLab ambassador: exposure to international visitors, mentors and VIPs in kLab (networking: your first client, your investor or maybe new job might come right to you)
  • attractive credentials: @klab.rw email address and profile listed on the web page with a link to your project/company/blog (will help you in the Google search algorithm) and a kLab recommendation
  • access to kLab premises at any time of the day
  • enjoy a free coffee per day

If you think this is something for you, fill out the application form.

November 06th, 2014
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