February 03rd,2017
Internet and Human Rights Discussions Forum 2
With now different opinions from different people around the globe some now believe that Internet should be a Human Right, this was one of the take away that was shared among several ideas that was discussed.

The issue of the 100% Internet content access was raised alongside supportive points where it was clear from that side that all should be free to the user and let one decide what to do with it, however the issue of 100% free Internet was perceived and addressed in a different way by people that operate at a country level, meaning ISP (Internet Service Provider) where the example of family restrictions "Parental control" was given and that the same should be applied for the sake of protecting the population. Users expressed their understanding about the issue and their concern about it, however they were keen and urged the ISPs to make it clear while they are making deals with customers; something that was referred to as the "Terms and Conditions agreement" between clients and ISPs where they (users) know in the first place that there are some content that they won't be able to access once they purchase services from the ISP.

The subject is being discussed on in 4 different corners of planet Earth and situations may vary from region to region and one might wonder if instead of putting more effort in this it wouldn't be a good idea to educate people ways they could get around the issue of being denied access to information according to certain places -Technically.

Do you think Internet is free in Rwanda? Is there something that should be improved in that regard, please share your thoughts with us @klabrw