October 25th,2012
Startup World Contest, Rwanda winner Ara Nashera’s journey as kLab Tenant.
Expectations while joining kLab

When coming to kLab, there is one thing in mind, a space to think and collaborate. My expectation in the space was to find people that could work within our startup company Zilencio Creativo's project and bring it to life. Coming from a technical background with a passion for branding I needed people with programming skills to team up with so that we harness our efforts and create an impactful product.

kLab environment and culture

kLab is a serene environment for developers, IT enthusiasts and interested parties of a growing ICT community in Rwanda fostering intellect and entrepreneurial spirit. “The space gives one a peace of mind to work, providing a professional space to engage with other tenants and experienced mentors” says Ara. kLab brings like-minded innovators together and give them the resources they need to explore their ideas, learn from each other, and develop innovative solutions. kLab is a technology space enabling ambitious entrepreneurs come together and develop their trailblazing ideas into successful businesses.

Opportunities and exposure at kLab

Ara’s startup company, Zilencio Creativo emerged as the 2012 finalist for the Startup World competition in Kigali. “As we prepare ourselves to travel to Sillicon Valley to compete globally, we are working hard on our winning crowdfunding project prototype” says Ara. My company was also selected to be part of local ICT companies that went to showcase their products at this year’s ITU Telecom World in Dubai, with this our team considers this opportunity and award possible only by the exposure provided by kLab.

With people you create experiences; kLab is such a space to provide you with both an experience and a community to engage with. For any technology person out there, for any person who has an idea that can get into the ICT field, I recommend to join the kLab community.