kLab Membership

Membership to the kLab is open to any professional, student or hobbyist working in the IT industry. By being a kLab member you will be able to use the space, attend events and collaborate with other kLab members. All members are expected to be active parts of the community.

Membership Types

You may apply to be either a tenant or a mentor. Tenants are expected to have a project in mind that they wish to accomplish during their stay at the kLab. Being specific about your goals will allow us to better help you meet them. Tenants are expected to have shown some progress on their goals before applying for membership. Mentors are expected to actively donate some of their time in the kLab to help other members of the community become successful. You should clearly state what your goals are as a mentor and how you envision meeting them.

Selection Process

Membership application is open 24/7. The application will be reviewed then you will receive an email when the application is approved. Priority will be given to early applicants

Your first (given) name
Your last (family) name
Your phone number (including country code) - eg: 250788123456
Your email address
A close-up photo of yourself
The country you live in - eg: Rwanda
The city you live in - eg: Kigali
The neighborhood you live in - eg: Nyamirambo
kLab location your are applying for.
Your professional background
The type of membership you are applying for
How often you plan on visiting kLab
If you are applying as a tenant, please tell us what your ongoing projects are and how you see kLab helping to accomplish your goals. If you are applying as a mentor, please tell us what you have to offer the kLab community, and what your goals are as a mentor (1024 character limit).
Your education, including any degrees or certifications earned (1024 character limit).
Briefly describe your experience, projects you have worked on, and companies you have worked for. Please include the URLs of any projects you worked on and how you contributed (1024 character limit).